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Knowledge is Strength
Take Charge of Your Health with HealthYes!

by Sharon Reynolds

One American dies of cardiovascular disease every 37 seconds, according to The American Heart Association. Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in the United States, and many people die suddenly–without warning, without symptoms–and without hope for a second chance at life.
Seventy-one-year-old Lena Piercy is grateful for her second chance at life, thanks to a HealthYes! medical screening event she attended in Bastrop earlier this year. She had no symptoms, just a curiosity about blood clots and blockages in her body.
“At my age, I’ve become very health conscious,” she says. “I’m retired and I want to live a long time. I had just visited my doctor for a yearly physical, but Medicare will not pay for screening tests unless I’m sick.”
Piercy purchased the circulatory and heart health screening for $179.95. She was stunned when tests showed her carotid artery to be 38 percent blocked. “I took my test results to my doctor, who put me on Lipitor. My cholesterol immediately dropped in half.”
HealthYes! offers Central Texans easy access to non-invasive, affordable health screenings to detect risk factors for circulatory, heart and bone health conditions, including many chronic conditions labeled as silent killers–conditions that kill without warning. The company recently moved its corporate headquarters to Austin and takes patients beyond traditional healthcare by providing information that is often unavailable through routine checkups or blood work.
This mobile medical screening company travels out into the Central Texas community, setting up portable clinics at convenient locations, including churches, community centers, businesses, fitness centers and schools. HealthYes! utilizes state-of-the-art Color Doppler Ultrasound, the best non-invasive, non-radioactive imaging technology available to screen for cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.
Taking a preventive approach is the best way to stay well, says Austin family practitioner Shirat Ling, M.D., and HealthYes! offers an affordable and convenient way for people to take charge of their health.
“Insurance companies will pay for screening tests only if a patient qualifies, either with a family history or actual symptoms,” says Dr. Ling. “If a person waits until he or she has symptoms of a stroke, by then it’s too late. HealthYes! screenings are time-efficient and allow patients to get all their tests done at once. It’s an affordable way to ensure peace of mind.”
HealthYes! sets the gold-standard in the industry for timely results. Once patients are screened, they will receive results in four days. In addition, most screening companies offer simple “normal” or “abnormal” results. At HealthYes!, ultrasound images and numerical data are reviewed and provided to patients by local board-certified radiologists, so that they can be passed on to their own doctors and medical professionals.
Since her exam, Piercy is eating healthier, exercising and losing weight. Her doctor recommended a yearly HealthYes! screening, which Piercy plans to do. “These tests tell me what my other yearly exams won’t tell me. The cost is reasonable, the people are wonderful and I got my results in just a few days. I recommend it to anyone because the most important thing to do is to keep yourself healthy.”
1-866-671-3606, or register online at www.HealthYes.com.