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Exquisite displays of rare and not so rare fish

For more than ten years, AquaTek Tropical Fish has provided Austin’s serious fish hobbyists with rare South American fish, aquatic invertebrates, reef tank fish, corals and live plants. Where most fish retailers have fifty tanks and a range of species, AquaTek has fifty tanks filled with only hard to find, top of the line South American species and another one hundred tanks dedicated to fish species from other geographic regions. AquaTek’s natural, realistic environment, well-informed staff, high-end products and tank maintenance service make it the preferred source for all your needs.
AquaTek is dedicated to ensuring that customers get the correct fish for the correct water with the correct chemical parameters. The informed staff, which includes a South American fish expert, a Lake Tanganyikan expert, a plant expert, a reef tank expert and a coral expert, are ready to answer any and all of your tank questions. This makes AquaTek something of an education center, not just a retail outlet.
Looking for top of the line accessories? AquaTek has them. In fact, they carry an exclusive line of Sera foods, Tunze filtration systems, Eheim filter systems, and a number of other high-tech German engineered aquatic systems. For cichlid tanks, reef tanks, biotope tanks and plant tanks, AquaTek has everything you need to keep your aquarium happy.
If you need help in that area, AquaTek also offers a maintenance service like no other. Because tanks are in a constant state of evolution, AquaTek’s maintenance staff helps manage the tank, not just clean it. They look at what’s going on with respect to the chemistry of the tank, how the fish are interacting with one another, and how the plants and coral are doing. When you spend several thousands of dollars on a reef tank, for instance, you want to protect your investment. AquaTek understands and is there to help.
For rare fish, exclusive products lines and top notch tank maintenance, AquaTek has you covered. 8023 Burnet Road, 450-0182.